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The Next Generation of Entertainment


Worldwide Streaming (WWS) is a technology platform that allows for consumer audiences to: 

  • Engage with all forms of content (social, music, live streaming, publishing, photo, video)
  • Transact around all forms of eCommerce 
  • Get rewarded for the most financially and strategically advantageous behaviors

WWS is a vehicle for brands and marketers to amplify their initiatives and turn their marketing spends into revenue and data collection centers and a co-financing, co-production and business intelligence partner to proven premium content creators and distributors in live events, film, television and premium streaming.

Business Units


Connecting the world by producing the most innovating and engaging content, managing a network of global media brands and launching WWS a pioneering new content OTT platform. WWS is creating the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets with the most innovating, compelling selection of TV shows, movies, hyper local originals, premium live sports and up-to-the-minute news from around the world, to stream or download, on any internet connected device.


Through existing relationships with Kobalt (largest independent music distributor) and Empire, via our record label, Monolog Records, we have the ability to distribute all music related content onto platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, etc. Monolog Records has a large pool of international talent across various genres. 

Celebrate Platform & Events

The Celebrate Platform, a Blockchain-based technology, is designed to create an enhanced event experience, for the audience, performers and event organizers. The app can be used for  The Celebrate Music Tour, kicking off in 2019 enables promotion for the platform, enabling the growth of the Celebrate user base. Celebrate Platform benefits include: 

  • Offering a more interactive event including one of a kind experiences
  • Increased profitability through the monetization of the Celebrate
  • Streamlining purchases of tokens for merchandise, food, beverage etc. 
  • Eliminating fraudulent purchases/ Earn tickets, merchandise and VIP experiences through the Celebrate Social Platform


WWS is designed to be a platform for content, including eSports, sports tournaments, personal streams of individual players, and gaming-related series with live events. 

WWS Media Platform

The WWS Media Platform is turnkey Platform that enables content creators and brands to quickly and inexpensively launch, manage, and monetize Custom Streaming Networks. WWS Platform’s Curation/Syndication ecosystem drives discoverability, viewing time and revenue. WWS is content partners with leading networks including CNN, Bloomberg, AOL, BBC, ESPN, FOX, Vimeo and many more